About us

Builda Agency is a leading provider of AI-powered website builders, offering users a seamless way to create stunning landing pages without the need for coding skills. With advanced features such as AI-assisted content refinement, custom code embedding, and custom domain publishing, we empower businesses to showcase their brand and attract customers effortlessly

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable individuals and businesses to leverage the power of AI technology to create exceptional websites and compelling marketing content. We strive to make website building accessible, efficient, and visually captivating for all, revolutionizing the way people connect with their target audiences

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the go-to platform for individuals and businesses seeking intuitive website building solutions. By continually innovating our AI-driven tools and fostering a vibrant marketplace of expert solutions on Lindo, we aim to empower thousands more entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners to achieve their online goals